The first ARBOC Specialty Vehicles low-floor bus ever built in 2007 has returned in service after five years of retirement.

Nine years ago, ARBOC Specialty Vehicles (then known as ARBOC Mobility) built their first prototype bus to demonstrate ADA-compliant, low-floor technology for small shuttle buses. As production geared up "Old #1," as it became known, was phased out of use and finally retired in 2011. For the past five years it has been stored at the ARBOC manufacturing facility in Indiana, until May of this year.

Craig Bennett, the son-in-law of one of the ARBOC Specialty Vehicles founders, suffered a horrific accident while racing in April of this year. Craig suffered a crushed L5 vertebrae as well as bone fractures in every appendage. Because of these injuries, Craig needed a means to transport himself for several months to doctor’s appointments and to work as a vintage race car engineer.

Don Roberts, president of ARBOC was asked to see if they had any low floor product that could be used for a while. Don never hesitated a second. He said, “Let’s put 'Old #1' back in service.”

After routine service, a new battery and tires, the Bus was delivered to Craig. The bus is operating, even after sitting idle for 5 years. The ADA features introduced to the market in 2008 and included in every ARBOC bus to date, have made daily travel comfortable and efficient for Craig. 

Over 95% of all buses built since the company shipped its first bus in 2008 remain in service. Some of these buses have accumulated over 300,000 miles in service.

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