The Specialty Vehicles and Technologies division is primed to support recovery, sustainability,...

The Specialty Vehicles and Technologies division is primed to support recovery, sustainability, and future growth of the motorcoach and related industries, focusing on EV adoption and advancing fleet performance.

Screenshot via ABC Companies

ABC Companies launched its new business division: Specialty Vehicles and Technologies (SVT). Under the SVT banner, the company will distribute a wide range of new products and services that will leverage emerging technology, applications, and advances that impact the motorcoach and related industries.

“Our SVT division functions as a launchpad for next level innovation”, said Roman Cornell, president and CCO of ABC Companies. “It’s much more than a new commercial sales division, and is essentially the incubator and innovation think-tank where we actively search for new technologies and applications that can help advance our customer base and the industry overall.”

Led by ABC’s director of technical solutions, Brian Nelson, the SVT team partners with customers and suppliers to bring forward emerging technology solutions, specifically in three key areas:

Expanding EV Portfolio

ABC Companies entered the electric vehicle (EV) market under the SVT Banner this year and continues to expand its portfolio of EV offerings as well as other future-facing capabilities. The company’s current EV lineup includes:

  • the flagship Van Hool CX45E zero-emission OEM model integrating Proterra’s energy-dense E2 battery system.
  • affordable, turnkey diesel to EV repower kits — a joint venture between ABC and Lightning eMotors.
  • ABC’s distribution agreement with GreenPower Motor Co. can assist owners in adding a range of available EV vehicles to fleets. With a focus on microtransit solutions, ABC’s GreenPower options are available in select markets.

Advancing Fleet Performance

ABC continues to build on its proprietary RECON and TEC options introduced in 2019. Available packages and options integrate a host of driver assistance and alert systems and technology-enabled components such as telematics, coach interior and exterior surveillance systems, and more. These technologies are designed to optimize driver and vehicle performance, enhance the passenger experience, and automate and manage fleet maintenance.

CLEANS Technology – Protecting Drivers and Passengers

ABC’s CLEANS suite of sanitization solutions are designed to boost passenger confidence for the motorcoach and transit industries. The suite of products include electrostatic fogging, active HVAC purification via bipolar ionization, UV lighting, advanced filtration, and more.

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