A cloud-based tire data management system, shock absorbers, and transmission fluid that can deliver enhanced vehicle performance are just some of the latest products geared toward bus maintenance.

5 New Tools to Boost Maintenance Operations
5 New Tools to Boost Maintenance Operations

Real-Time, Tire Tread Wear Monitoring System

Tyrata Inc.’s new tire data management system, Tyrata.io, is a cloud-based, comprehensive data portal for the company’s IntelliTread tire tread monitoring products. Working in combination with Tyrata’s Drive-Over System (DOS), the system delivers automated tire tread depth measurements and real-time tread wear analysis for large vehicle fleets.

By logging into their account at Tyrata.io, fleet operators can open a secure data portal where they can monitor the health of any individual tire with an ability to obtain instant tire history and analytics, according to Tyrata Inc. Operators can also get comprehensive, fleet-wide service recommendations for optimized tire maintenance and vehicle safety.

Predictive analytics are also available, and outputs from the data portal can be integrated with a customer’s existing reporting and maintenance systems, according to the supplier.

Tyrata Inc.


5 New Tools to Boost Maintenance Operations
5 New Tools to Boost Maintenance Operations

Shock Absorbers Created to Increase Road Safety, Control 

JIT Truck Parts’ latest shock absorber, the Match Made Freightliner Cascadia Shock (APL-101742), is created to reduce vibrations from potholes and uneven surfaces. The absorber is specifically engineered for Ford, Freightliner, and Thomas Built Buses vehicles using FAS II Airliner suspension and drive axle applications.

The shock absorber contains a chrome-plated piston rod to help prevent corrosion, and a square groove PTFE piston seal for low friction. The absorber also contains a specially designed “STOP” control component to prevent rod punctures and valve damage, according to the supplier.

The shock has a 14.96-inch to 22.95-inch compressed to extended length measurement, and the stroke measures at 7.99 inches with a bore size of 1.75 inches.

JIT Truck Parts


5 New Tools to Boost Maintenance Operations
5 New Tools to Boost Maintenance Operations

Air Disc Brake Rotors Designed for Heavy-Duty Fleets

The DiscStar air disc brake rotors from Marathon Brake Systems are developed for a variety of heavy-duty applications, including school buses.

The rotors are manufactured to OE thickness specifications to resist warping and cracking issues caused by high-temperature applications, and also feature an optimized venting design and maximized heat sink to further enhance thermal resistance properties, according to the supplier.

Engineered to ECE R90 European standards, the DiscStar rotors are created in an ISO-certified plant and are geometrically tested for design, metallurgical composition, hardness, and balance. The rotors also undergo a thermal integrity test at high loads.

Marathon Brake Systems


5 New Tools to Boost Maintenance Operations
5 New Tools to Boost Maintenance Operations

Transmission Fluid Offers Enhanced Protection, Performance

Petro-Canada’s DuraDrive HD Synthetic 668 is a factory first-fill automatic transmission fluid (ATF) specially formulated for Allison Transmission’s TES 668 specification.

Providing significant oxidation control, optimal wear protection, and anti-shudder durability, DuraDrive HD Synthetic 668 is designed to lower total cost of ownership and deliver enhanced performance benefits for Allison Transmission’s TES 668 specification, according to the company.

The new transmission fluid is specified for on-highway vehicles, including vocational applications, and is backward compatible for all 1000-4000 Series Allison transmissions that require an approved TES 295 fluid.

Petro-Canada Lubricants


5 New Tools to Boost Maintenance Operations
5 New Tools to Boost Maintenance Operations

Prong-less Plug for Engine Block Heaters

The Magnetic Block Heater Plug from Canadian Internet of Things (IoT) company VoltSafe is a prong-less, magnetic electrical plug with an app-controlled timer that can serve as an engine block heater extension. It can easily connect and disconnect, and eliminates the challenge associated with frozen extension cords, especially in extremely cold temperatures, according to the supplier.

Suitable for school buses and trucks with units up to 740 watts, this retrofit is intended to reduce fleet downtime, increase safety, save energy, and improve operational automation. The Magnetic Block Heater Plug is also suitable for many transit buses, motorcoaches, and shuttle buses.


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