Funding for the electric bus rollout is made possible through FTA and Volkswagen settlement...

Funding for the electric bus rollout is made possible through FTA and Volkswagen settlement grants and partnership contributions.

City of Boulder

The City of Boulder, Colorado, in partnership with Via, will soon introduce three new, zero-emission electric buses for use on the local HOP route, helping the city make progress toward its clean energy and climate goals. The buses are currently being tested and are slated to be put into service in early April.

The new buses, designed and manufactured in the U.S. by Proterra , are 100% electric and emission-free and will be charged with renewable, solar energy. The buses feature quieter operation, can travel more than 200 miles on a single charge, and are five times more fuel-efficient than standard diesel buses, with a fuel efficiency of 22.2 miles per gallon equivalent (mpg-e) compared to 3.5 mpg for the current diesel buses. The electric buses also have lower operating costs since they do not require maintenance of an engine or exhaust system.

The city and Via, which currently has a contract to operate the HOP, have the goal of electrifying the entire HOP fleet by 2030. The three new buses will join an existing electric HOP bus that was repowered from diesel to electric in 2018.

Funding for the three new electric buses is made possible through Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and Volkswagen settlement grants administered by the Colorado Department of Transportation and partnership contributions from the Regional Transportation District, Via, and the city.