Endera, a technology company specializing in all-electric commercial vehicles, charging infrastructure and software solutions, announced that Joe Pritchard is now a member of its board.

As a board member, Pritchard will add industry knowledge and respected family heritage to Endera. As the largest distributor of Ford vehicles in the Midwest, Pritchard’s expertise in the auto industry will continue to strengthen Endera’s transportation sector.

“Joe Pritchard is no stranger to the EV market. Pritchard has been a premiere national dealer for electric vehicles and equipment. Joe has helped to pave the way for vehicle electrification with a mission to deliver zero emissions to the next generation,” said John Walsh, Endera’s CEO. “The addition of such an influential figure in the industry and someone of Joe's caliber to the board is a testament to the products that we are offering our customers. I am honored to be working with this experienced team and believe that together we will fuel the momentum we have built between partnerships and new product launches that are still to come.”

Pritchard joining the Endera board will establish multi-generational experience and connections across the entire transportation sector. Continuing to build on and develop Endera’s relationships will allow for the company to grow into additional market segments, according to Endera.