The Liberty NXT LRVs will expand the service from the Theater District to popular destinations.

The Liberty NXT LRVs will expand the service from the Theater District to popular destinations.

Photo: Brookville

March Networks’ Cloud Video Network Monitoring Service Insight Surpasses Growth Milestone

March Networks announced that its cloud-based Insight Monitoring and Resolution Service now features over 25,000 managed surveillance systems with an estimated 500,000 surveillance cameras.

Insight provides March Networks customers with complete end-to-end support for their video surveillance systems with proactive remote health monitoring of all of their devices like recorders, cameras, and hard drives, as well as overall network connectivity.

Trained professionals in March Networks’ Network Operations Center (NOC) work with the company’s certified solution partners (CSPs) to remotely monitor end user customers’ network infrastructure, apply software updates, and troubleshoot issues, including dispatching an on-site technician when required.

A subscription-based service, Insight also offers both CSPs and end customers a convenient web-based portal where they can view video network information including all devices, warranty and location information as well as support tickets and ticket status for complete closed-loop workflows.

Brookville Delivers First of Five Liberty NXT Light Rail Vehicle to Sound Transit’s Tacoma

Brookville Equipment Co. (Brookville) announced it is preparing to deliver the first of five all new Liberty NXT Light Rail Vehicles (LRV) to Sound Transit for its Tacoma Link system, supporting the 2.4-mile Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension of the current 1.6-mile Tacoma Link line, slated to open in 2023.

The 66-foot-long vehicles are part of a $26.5 million contract for the design and build of the five LRVs for the extension.

The Liberty NXT LRVs will expand the service from the Theater District to popular destinations such as the Stadium District, Wright Park, and major medical facilities before reaching the Hilltop neighborhood.

“I am just so proud of the BROOKVILLE team in seeing the great vehicles we are sending to Tacoma, Washington,” said Joel McNeil, Brookville VP of Business Development. “The success of this project is a direct result of professionalism from the Sound Transit team and partnership which has been established. We cannot wait to see the opening of the Hilltop Extension.”

Wabtec Bus Solutions Introduces Ricon EnergySaver Tempered Glass Bus Windows

Wabtec Bus Solutions introduced New Ricon EnergySaver, its tempered glass bus windows that aim to reduce operating costs with the latest in thermal technology, according to John Condon, VP of Sales, North America.

EnergySaver thermal technology is offered throughout the complete line of CityView and Standard frame bus side and operator windows. EnergySaver windows feature 3-Minute Quick-Change replacement and comply with all North American and FMVSS requirements.