Via integrated mobile ticketing with Transit in August 2021.

Via integrated mobile ticketing with Transit in August 2021.

Photo: Via

Via Metropolitan Transit announced customers can now upgrade to Transit Royale, the new subscription in the Transit app.

Via riders will have access to a free Royale subscription, which unlocks additional features, special agency branding, new customization options, and complete access to the app.

“Since Guillaume and I started Transit almost a decade ago, our mission has been to help people get around without their own car. As the company has grown, we’ve always put public transit first, collaborating with our partners across the industry to bring everything riders need together in one place,” said Sam Vermette, CEO of Transit. “By providing free Royale subscriptions to everyone who rides, we’re working hand-in-hand with our partners at Via to unlock the best app experience for riders.” 

As the update rolls out over the next week, riders in San Antonio will see a screen informing them that Via is upgrading them to Transit Royale. From there, users can tap to redeem their free subscription. 

With Royale, riders have access to features such as customizable themes, as well as personalized emoji avatars.

Via integrated mobile ticketing with Transit in August 2021.

“Smartphone apps are part of our daily lives, helping make everything easier, from connecting with work and friends to ordering food and planning our days—including how and when we choose to travel,” Via president/CEO Jeffrey C. Arndt said. “Partnering with Transit app supports our plan to use innovative transit technology that helps keep San Antonio moving. With their Transit Royale subscription, Via customers can also enjoy an interactive experience with other app users, making their trip convenient and fun.”