A Capital Metro ad on the signage. Luminator

A Capital Metro ad on the signage.


Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Capital Metro) selected Luminator Technology Group (LTG) to install new passenger information displays throughout the Austin, Texas metropolitan area. The digital displays will deliver real-time updates to passengers including rider alerts, next bus arrival, route information and maps. The signs will be installed beginning Fall 2019.

The Dynamic Passenger Information display and software suite enable all signs in the system to be monitored, managed, and updated from a central location. The E-Paper technology provides an easy-to-read front lit design with no light pollution and also meets ADA visual and audio requirements.

Capital Metro sought a solution that could work with and integrate into its own transportation network. LTG’s offering will deliver information and monitoring of its display systems’ battery levels, network connections, and real-time diagnostics.

LTG’s Dynamic Passenger Information display technology is designed and manufactured to withstand the unique demands of the transit environment. The low power cellular data modem and Ethernet connection enable for more efficient communication, allowing for streamlined content updates and system health monitoring. These displays also include the option to use solar power, reducing costs and energy consumption, and the ability to provide passenger information in remote locations where power is not available.

An existing customer of LTG, Capital Metro has also deployed bus destination sign technology, as well as video surveillance and security technology provided by LTG’s Apollo Video Technology.

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