John Maddox has been BAE Systems’ regional sales manager, transit, for western North America and the southern states for  nearly 10 years. He brings considerable engineering systems design experience in the bus industry, as he served as the head of engineering for two different bus manufacturers. His interest in green technology and love of sports cars has driven his passion for the hybrid-electric and all-electric bus business, according to his colleagues.

In the early part of his career, Maddox held engineering positions in the aircraft industry, including chief engineer at Ward Aero and design engineering positions at Lockheed, North American Rockwell – Aerocommander Division, Grumman Aerospace and the Systems Research Laboratory, working on various aircraft projects. Later on, he held managerial positions in the transit industry, including president/CEO of Wide-One Corp., GM of NGV Ecotrans and sales & marketing positions at Cubic Western Data, MFS Network Technologies and North American Bus Industries. He was also chief engineer at Flyer Industries (now known as New Flyer Industries) and VP, sales & engineering, at Ontario Bus Industries/Bus Industries of America.

Some achievements during his career include:
• More than 1,000 hybrid-electric buses will take the streets in North America thanks to his expertise.  
 • At BAE Systems, Maddox has successfully brought more hybrid-electric drive systems to more transit agencies than any other individual.
 • For more than 43 years, Maddox has contributed to the transportation mission while working for several large companies focused on transit.