Luminator, Grignard Partner to Bring Innovative Air Treatment Solution to Transit
Luminator, Grignard Partner to Bring Innovative Air Treatment Solution to Transit

Luminator Technology Group will provide the “Grignard Pure” air treatment solution by Grignard Company in its portfolio of on-board technology for mass transit operators focused on keeping passengers, operators, and other transit employees safe from spread of the virus. Once Grignard Company receives governmental approvals, Luminator will begin in-market distribution of Grignard Pure.

Grignard Pure is proven to inactivate enveloped viruses such as the novel coronavirus in the air, where it is most dangerous, and on non-porous hard surfaces, delivering much-needed continuous protection of indoor and enclosed spaces, including transit buses and railcars.

Recent guidance from health officials indicates that daily or “episodic” surface cleanings are important but deliver incomplete and short-lived protection. To mitigate the potential for further spread of the coronavirus, episodic cleanings must be coupled with the “continuous intervention” functionality of an air treatment solution to directly confront airborne transmission of the virus.

In May 2020, Grignard Company engaged Microchem Laboratory, an EPA, and FDA Good Laboratory Practice-compliant testing organization, to conduct extensive and rigorous efficacy testing. The results demonstrate that Grignard Pure is effective in inactivating 99.9% of airborne virus particles in less than 10 minutes.

Intrinsik, a globally recognized scientific and regulatory consulting firm, also assessed the product’s health and safety qualifications in May 2020. Intrinsik performed a toxicology risk assessment that confirmed the product is safe for use when used as directed and exposed to a population for extended periods of time.

Luminator will integrate the solution with other on-board technology that will enable the delivery of Grignard Pure via adjustable aerosol flow across transit applications, ensuring reduced potential transmission of the virus on-board buses and railcars and in operator facilities.

“Whether in rural or metropolitan areas, mass transit systems with confined space and fluid daily ridership patterns present unique challenges in ensuring customer safety, and the ongoing presence of the coronavirus adds a significant public health dimension to the problem,” said Kirk Goins, CEO, Luminator. “Adding Grignard Pure to our portfolio gives us an unparalleled combination of technology and science in an integrated solution for agencies. With it, they can confidently work towards returning ridership to pre-COVID-19 levels, knowing that health and safety are assured.”

Luminator Technology Group and Grignard Company will host an informational webinar on Tuesday, July 14, hosted by METRO Magazine. To register, click here