SB 551, sponsored by the Transportation Electrification Partnership and Los Angeles Cleantech...

SB 551, sponsored by the Transportation Electrification Partnership and Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator, would accelerate equitable adoption of electric vehicles statewide.

San Diego MTS

The California State Senate has approved SB 551, a bill that would create the California Electric Vehicle (EV) Authority to ensure the state meets Gov. Gavin Newsom’s executive order to transition to 100% zero-emissions cars and trucks by 2035.

The bill, sponsored by members of the Transportation Electrification Partnership (TEP) and the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI), would support the creation of a high-level EV Authority — housed in the Governor’s office — to bring coordination, accountability, financing, and a focus on ensuring equitable outcomes in accelerating California’s transition to zero-emission transportation. The Authority would also include a focus on related economic development and workforce training priorities.

LACI CEO and LACI Transportation Electrification Partnership Chair Matt Petersen released the following statement in response to SB 551’s passage in the Senate:

“To help accelerate the economy-wide transition to zero-emission transportation and ensure that no communities are left behind, TEP members, LACI, and our over 70 member coalition have advocated for the creation of the California EV Authority to meet the goals of EO N-79-20. Led by a senior czar in the governor’s horseshoe — and who is accountable to the governor, legislature, and in turn the public — the Authority can ensure the Governor’s bold proposal to invest billions of dollars into zero-emission transportation are efficiently and expeditiously spent while ensuring maximum benefit to disadvantaged communities, that our state’s workforce are prepared, and we leverage private sector investment for continued economic growth.

Transitioning to 100% zero-emission cars, buses, and trucks is a transformative and achievable goal that will require a whole-of-government approach to make it happen. The urgency of the climate crisis and the disproportionate burden of air pollution upon disadvantaged communities forced to breathe unhealthy air means we need an all-hands-on-deck plan to move to zero emissions. The EV Authority can ensure that California’s government agencies and leaders make that promise a reality."

SB 551 is currently in the State Assembly.