-  Via


Blackfeet Transit announced it has partnered with Via to launch a door-to-door public transit service that will expand access for riders traveling within The Blackfeet Reservation and Browning and to and from nearby towns.

Blackfeet Transit’s partnership with Via represents the first time Blackfeet Transit has incorporated software technology into its transportation services. With this technology, the service’s vehicle routing and dispatching will ultimately empower citizens to travel more easily to healthcare, jobs, education, voting, and commercial opportunities.

“Via’s mission is to create equitable, flexible access to transportation, and Blackfeet Reservation is an amazing example of a community using tech-enabled transit to help its residents affordably and easily connect with essential services and leisure opportunities, without the need for a private vehicle,” said Dillon Twombly, chief revenue officer at Via.

Upon booking a ride, Via’s algorithms create  trips by pooling multiple passengers headed in the same direction into a single vehicle in real time.

The service operates from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday within Browning. It provides trips to-and-from neighboring areas including Kalispell, Great Falls, Shelby, and Cutbank. The service also includes wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

“Blackfeet Transit will be able to reach more people than ever with Via’s technology,” said Warren Blackman, Blackfeet transit director. “We’re excited this partnership is bringing people better access to transportation and helping meet the different transportation needs in the community. The majority of riders we serve are elderly or people with disabilities, and this technology empowers them to book a ride on their own to get wherever they need to go.”

Blackfeet Transit is a transportation service that offers on-demand and pre-booking rides within the Blackfeet Nation and to and from neighboring cities.