IndyGo aims to expand mobility options to improve connectivity.

IndyGo aims to expand mobility options to improve connectivity.

Photo: IndyGo

The Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation (IndyGo) announced a t partnership with Lumin-Air to increase clean, breathable air in its buses.

Inez Evans, president and CEO of IndyGo, joined Lumin-Air President Dan Fillenwarth from the American Public Transit Association (APTA) Expo in Orlando, Fla. to share that the award of a full-fleet contract to Indiana-based Lumin-Air.

IndyGo will equip all of its buses with MERV-13 equivalent active filtration and UV-C lighting to help continuously clean the air inside its buses.

"Rider safety is our number one priority and Lumin-Air will help us take that commitment to the next level," said Evans. "This system will not only generate some of the cleanest air on any bus in the country, but will also give our riders increased peace of mind when riding IndyGo."

These systems will operate through the HVAC system while the buses are occupied, continually providing cleaned, disinfected air for riders to breathe. 

"Our solution helps remove contaminants from the air in order to reduce the risk of airborne pathogen transmission on transit vehicles and school buses with safe, proven technology.," said Andrew Desmarais, Lumin-Air COO.