J. J. Keller’s new training service covers driver accident procedures. - Photo: Canva

J. J. Keller’s new training service covers driver accident procedures.

Photo: Canva

To help motor carriers properly follow all post-accident procedures, as well as conduct a thorough investigation of a crash, J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. announced it has introduced its new Accident Investigation Procedures Training Service.

This onsite, consultant-led program trains a carrier’s fleet manager to understand the post-accident FMCSR requirements, determine if a driver followed the proper procedures, take corrective action based on the results of an investigation, conduct corrective action training as needed, and challenge the preventability of a crash via DataQs.

“What makes this training so special is that it not only trains managers on how to quickly and accurately respond to an accident by meeting the letter of the FMCSA standards,” said Sean Nebert, director of transport consulting services at J. J. Keller. “But also how to conduct an investigation that can protect the carrier from legal liability while preventing future accidents.”

What J.J. Keller's Service Covers

J. J. Keller’s new training service covers:

  • Driver accident procedures
  • Accident registers
  • Drug and alcohol testing requirements
  • Tiered responses to accidents
  • Evidence and data preservation
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Root cause and preventability analysis
  • FMCSA crash preventability determination
  • Follow-up responses to prevent future accidents

“After a crash, there’s a lot to do in a short window of time,” said Nebert. “By having the proper training and processes in place, carriers greatly reduce their risk of costly mistakes being made.”

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