J.J. Keller, GreenPower Motor Company, New Flyer, and Lightning eMotors are the latest companies to be featured in METRO’s Biz Briefs. - Photo: METRO

J.J. Keller, GreenPower Motor Company, New Flyer, and Lightning eMotors are the latest companies to be featured in METRO’s Biz Briefs.

Photo: METRO

J.J. Keller, GreenPower Motor Company, New Flyer, and Lightning eMotors recently announced news from their respective companies.

J. J. Keller Receives Patent for Driving Monitoring, Detection System

J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc. announced it has been granted a new patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). 

The patent, titled "Driving Monitoring and Detection System," was filed with the USPTO in October 2020 and was granted on September 26, 2023.

The invention aims to address the problem of unidentified driving events when using an electronic logging device (ELD). 

The J. J. Keller Encompass application incorporates this driving monitoring and detection system, which leverages the mobile device's GPS module to detect motion when the ELD is disconnected. 

If the device moves beyond set distance and time thresholds, it triggers a prompt for the user to reconnect the ELD to the Encompass application. 

Additionally, this information is relayed to the administrative side of the Encompass solution, providing fleet managers with detailed insights into when and how long the application was in motion while disconnected from the ELD.

GreenPower Delivers First EV Star to Forth

GreenPower Motor Company Inc. announced the delivery of the first all-electric, purpose-built EV Star to Forth, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the equitable advancement of clean transportation, for use at Hacienda CDC’s Las Adelitas, a four-story, multifamily affordable housing development in Portland, Oregon.

“The EV Star was specifically designed with the passenger in mind, making it an ideal vehicle for transporting residents throughout a community, safely and comfortably,” said Claus Tritt, GreenPower’s VP of Medium-Duty & Commercial Vehicle Sales. “Typically underserved communities experience the highest level of health risks from NOx emissions and other pollutants. GreenPower is extremely proud we are able to provide a sustainable transportation solution that meets the needs of working families while having positive impacts on the environment and these communities.”

Once deployed, the EV Star will become part of Forth’s Green Energy & Mobility (GEM) Project which provides clean transportation opportunities and renewable energy solutions to two locations that offer shelter services and housing for historically underserved communities in Portland.

New Flyer Receives Order from Houston METRO

NFI Group Inc. (NFI) announced that New Flyer of America (New Flyer), has been awarded a new two-year contract from Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority (METRO) for 160 Xcelsior 40-foot clean-diesel transit buses with options to purchase up to 50 additional buses. 

With this order, NFI will add up to 210 buses to its backlog in the third quarter of 2023 for firm and option orders.

METRO delivers more than 115 million annual passenger rides, providing transportation services to the City of Houston, most of Harris County, and 14 smaller, surrounding cities known as multi-cities.

“Since 1991, NFI has delivered over 1,765 vehicles to METRO, including New Flyer buses and MCI motor coaches, providing Houston communities with efficient, safe, and reliable transportation. Building on over 30 years of partnership, NFI continues to support METRO with our advanced mobility solutions,” said Chris Stoddart, president, North American Bus and Coach, NFI. “Our Xcelsior buses will positively impact Harris County and surrounding communities through their best-in-class features including accessibility, and an effective emissions control system that will provide Houston communities with cleaner, quieter, and more efficient transportation.”

Lightning eMotors Announces Production for Q3

Lightning eMotors, Inc. announced that the company produced 55 units, all of which were complete vehicles, in the third quarter of 2023.

“We expect to report that we achieved record revenue during the third quarter, driven by sales from existing inventory and the units we produced during the quarter. We plan to report our full results for the quarter in November,” said Tim Reeser, Lightning co-founder and CEO.

Lightning eMotors also announced that its commercial vehicle customers can now receive up to $40,000 credit toward the purchase of select Lightning vehicles. 

The Commercial Clean Vehicle Credit became available to Lightning customers as a result of the company’s acceptance as a qualified manufacturer into the IRS Commercial Clean Vehicle Credit program, as defined in §30D(d)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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