Photo: Van Hool

Photo: Van Hool

During a recent meeting in Koningshooikt, Belgium, Filip Van Hool and Roman Cornell finalized the details of continuing the existing long-term distribution agreement for Van Hool motorcoaches in the North American market through ABC Companies, according to ABC Companies' news release.

“It is amazing to see the synergies between the Cornell and Van Hool families," Roman Cornell said. "Both Fillip and I are the third generation of family-operated organizations that have embraced the approach of serving the customer first to create success that lasts. It is a great honor for both of us to carry on the traditions started by our grandparents and further solidified by our parents and their siblings."

Roman Cornell's Transition to ABC Companies CEO

Roman Cornell's recent transition into the CEO role at ABC Companies was under the close mentorship of his uncle, Dane Cornell, who took the reins of the organization as CEO and helped solidify the foundation established by Clancy and Ron Cornell.

ABC Companies announced several promotions to improve its senior management team in June of 2023.

The promotion included:

  • Roman Cornell to ABC Companies CEO
  • Dane Cornell to ABC Companies Board of Directors Executive Chairman
  • Chuck Carns, ABC Companies CFO, joins ABC Companies Board of Directors
  • John Gillis to Executive VP, ABC Companies Parts Source

Roman Cornell previously served as the president and CCO before being named CEO.

"The foundation put in place by Dane and his leadership through continually evolving markets serves as the jump-off point for our next phase of growth," Roman Cornell added. "This growth is only possible with strong long-term partners like Van Hool. Their quality products, desire to understand and meet customers’ evolving needs, and dedication to the North American market have resulted in ABC delivering almost 12,000 new motorcoach units into the U.S. and Canadian markets since 1987."

ABC Companies Grows Product Portfolio

Over the past two years, ABC Companies has grown its product portfolio, making electric versions of the Van Hool CX45 and TDX double deck, while vetting and bringing on several cutaway and passenger van suppliers.

"Building distribution partnerships with quality brands like Turtle Top, Frontrunner, Sunset, Coach & Equipment and more allows us to not only reach new markets but also service our existing customers with more vehicle options,"  Roman Cornell said. 

With its current product portfolio, ABC Companies can provide solutions for eight to 81 passengers, traveling across the country or town, and do so with ICE/combustion or zero emissions.

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