CTA’s security camera network has doubled in size since 2011. Cragin Spring

CTA’s security camera network has doubled in size since 2011.

Cragin Spring

Mayor Rahm Emanuel joined Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson and Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) President Dorval R. Carter Jr. to outline the latest improvements from the CTA’s "Safe and Secure" program, a multi-faceted effort to increase safety across the CTA system and provide a more secure, comfortable traveling experience.

Work is underway to upgrade old cameras to high-definition and add new cameras at four stations along the Blue Line. The work, which occurs during evening and overnight hours to minimize disruption on service, will be complete shortly after Labor Day.

“These high definition cameras within the CTA system will be integrated into CPDs comprehensive crime camera network and provide a digital, high-definition layer of safety for the traveling public," Superintendent Johnson said.

Through Safe & Secure, CTA will add 1,000 new cameras and upgrade more than 3,800 older-model cameras throughout the system. Additionally, new lighting, repairs, and other improvements will enhance safety at all 146 CTA rail stations. New cameras will also be installed at more than 100 CTA bus turnaround locations and video monitors will be added to all CTA rail stations to aid personnel in monitoring station and customer activity.

“Safe and Secure is an important investment that allows us to build on the success of our past efforts and further strengthen our partnership with Chicago Police,” Carter said.

CTA’s security camera network has doubled in size since 2011. The cameras, found at every rail station and on every bus and train, have been an important tool to help Chicago Police identify crime suspects and detect crime patterns. All of CTA’s buses and trains have multiple cameras. The newest buses have 10 to 14 cameras per vehicle depending on size.

Additionally, CTA has worked closely with the Chicago Police Department’s Public Transportation Unit to strengthen and deploy strategies to fight crime that include expanded police patrols, rail saturation missions, and undercover operations. Since June 2011, CTA cameras have aided police in the investigation, arrest, and charging of more than 1,300 individuals.

CTA’s Safe and Secure is funded by a new, innovative fee on ride-hailing services championed by Mayor Emanuel, the first such fee in the country dedicated to public transportation improvements.

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