Brookville Equipment Corp.'s fourth off-wire capable Liberty Streetcar departed for Dallas six months ahead of contractual delivery during the week of July 25, concluding manufacturing on an order of two option vehicles initiated in July 2015, which followed a base order of two vehicles delivered during the Spring of 2015.

Next in line for Brookville are six off-wire capable Liberty Streetcars for Detroit-based M-1 RAIL’s QLine. All six vehicles are currently in various stages of production at Brookville’s Pennsylvania facility, with deliveries to Detroit currently scheduled to start in the Fall of 2016.

The Liberty Streetcar gained recognition in Dallas and around the world last year upon becoming the first off-wire capable streetcar to operate in the U.S. In October 2015, the Liberty Streetcar with OESS was awarded the Light Rail Transit Association’s Global Light Rail Award for ‘Technical Innovation of the Year.’

The streetcar manufacturer is also currently under contract with the City of Oklahoma City, and the City of Milwaukee for the production of six and five Liberty Streetcar vehicles, respectively.