Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) is launching an advertising and loyalty rewards platform for public transportation called Cubic Interactive.

Cubic Interactive allows brands to place advertisements within a transit agency’s mobile traveler app and/or physical assets such as gates and ticket vending machines, giving brands access to targeted, captive audiences based on a transit agency’s rich traveler demographic data. Ricola, manufacturer of herb cough drops and breath mints, is the first brand to advertise with Cubic Interactive.

By offering personalized ads within a transit agency’s mobile traveler app or through out-of-home ads, Cubic Interactive gives brands the opportunity to engage with audiences through channels that go beyond traditional mass retailer or national advertising — driving commerce, loyalty, and brand awareness on the go. Travelers can engage with advertising content from brands and earn loyalty points that can then be turned into transit value and used to pay for transit or redeemed for various in-app offers.

Customizable commuter data sets provide brands with flexibility on ad type and targeting, as well as the ability to create and reach highly targeted, engaged, and hyper-local marketing personas to meet various cost per mille (CPM) objectives. In addition, anonymized personal identifiers (PID) data, combined with GPS information provides a level of granularity and measurement that is unique in the world of programmatic and digital.

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