InterMotive Vehicle Controls, a provider of wheelchair interlock systems, expanded its partnership with PRIDE Industries to build an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance product.

PRIDE and InterMotive have had a symbiotic relationship for almost 20 years. PRIDE is the largest employer of people with disabilities in California and is InterMotive’s main supplier for product components. InterMotive provides safety interlocks for PRIDE buses, used to transport people with disabilities to and from work safely.

Now with their mission to empower people with disabilities, PRIDE plans to pilot InterMotive’s new ADA Talking Bus system, providing the electronics manufacturing for the product, which will help improve the transit experience for riders.

“FlexSpeak ADA is an audio/visual voice annunciator system that communicates bus route stop details and safety messages to passengers,” said InterMotive President Greg Schafer. “It can help people with disabilities feel more independent while riding public transportation. The focus of InterMotive and PRIDE are perfectly in sync with this project.”

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