NFI Combines New Flyer, MCI
NFI Combines New Flyer, MCI

NFI Group Inc. announced a company-wide transformational initiative called “NFI Forward” to rationalize its business units and facilities.

“While we have been working to streamline our businesses to enhance competitiveness by leveraging scale, expertise, and capability, the drastic and unanticipated impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to revisit our unique business definitions,” said Paul Soubry, NFI president and CEO. “The first major activity of NFI Forward is the immediate combination of New Flyer and MCI into one business, and to ensure a smooth transition Ian Smart has been appointed executive vice president, business transformation, of NFI to lead the effort.”

New Flyer and MCI have legacies of product excellence dating back to the 1930s. The combined entity will retain both market-leading brands and will operate under the leadership of New Flyer President Chris Stoddart. “Leveraging North America’s largest team of experts in bus and coach technology and design, manufacturing, and support, we are keen to continue executing on our innovation agenda,” said Stoddart. “I look forward to working with Ian to ensure a seamless combination of our businesses, and to enhancing the competitiveness of all New Flyer and MCI product and service offerings.”

“We know the past several months have been extremely hard on all of our customers, and our primary focus was to continue providing exceptional customer care as they responded to the pandemic,” said Ian Smart. “The dramatic drop off of the motorcoach market, and the challenges resulting from COVID-19 presented an opportunity to integrate MCI into New Flyer, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective combined business. Unfortunately, it also means the elimination of certain executive roles, and I want to recognize and thank those affected for all that they contributed to MCI and to our customers for so many years.”

The combined entity will continue offering all models of New Flyer transit buses and MCI motorcoaches, the industry’s widest range of models and propulsion systems. MCI public market sales will be combined under New Flyer VP, sales & marketing, Jennifer McNeill, while MCI private market sales will be led by Brent Maitland, VP, private sector sales & marketing. Pat Ziska will continue to lead private new coach sales team, while Steve Batho will continue to lead MCI technical customer support and service centers.

“At NFI, we exist to move people, and our dedication to customers remains unwavering,” said Soubry. “We will overcome the incredible impact from this pandemic and will keep communities moving safely as we continue to lead the migration to smarter vehicles and develop more environmentally responsible platforms.”