This new feature integrating COTA, alongside Uber rideshare, provides customers with access to public transportation options. - Photo: COTA

This new feature integrating COTA, alongside Uber rideshare, provides customers with access to public transportation options.

Photo: COTA

The Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) announced a partnership with Uber Technologies Inc. to expand its options to include real-time transit information, journey planning, and ticket purchase, through integration with Masabi, within the Uber app.

Uber has added COTA public transit information in-app so both COTA and Uber rideshare customers can compare more of their transportation options within the Columbus area, according to COTA's news release.

This new feature integrating COTA, alongside Uber rideshare, provides customers with access to public transportation options. Customers can now access these new features directly in the Uber app.

"Uber's partnership with COTA to offer real-time transit information and ticketing available in the Uber app demonstrates how private and public mobility partners can work together for a better customer experience, ensuring residents can more easily get to the jobs, food, healthcare appointments, and other services and entertainment across the region," said Sophia Mohr, COTA chief innovation & technology officer. "As COTA works to enhance mobility in Central Ohio, we appreciate organizations such as Uber, with its massive customer base, for collaborating with us to improve transit infrastructure and make accessing transportation more equitable and inclusive.”

Powered by Masabi's Ticketing SDK, tickets for COTA services purchased via Uber cost $4.50 for a single-day pass, allowing passengers to plan, pay and navigate their travel via an app.

"We believe that accessing transit should be easy. That's why we aim to make our app a one-stop-shop for all your transportation needs, said Jen Shepherd, global head of Transit at Uber. "We're excited to work with COTA and Masabi to deliver a new set of ticketing options for customers in the greater Columbus and Central Ohio region. With tickets available in our app, riders are able to purchase fare tickets seamlessly and with more flexible options."

How it Works

Customers can enter their destination in the Uber app, and then be presented with "Transit" as a transport option. 

Upon selecting "Transit," customers will get all the planning information they need to get to their destination using transit including real-time data, trip-planning, and end-to-end directions.

Once a rider has selected their route, they can choose to purchase and redeem them using their existing payment profile. 

Once purchased, tickets are stored in the "Transit Tickets" section of the Uber app. Users can activate tickets when boarding the bus. When users are offline, they can then show their passes to the bus driver for visual inspection.

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