While MTM Transit has been in the news, Pace also celebrated the launch of Pace Connect.  -  Photo: METRO

While MTM Transit has been in the news, Pace also celebrated the launch of Pace Connect.

Photo: METRO

Pace, MTM Transit, and the Valley Metro Regional Public Transportation Authority recently announced news from their respective companies.

Via, Pace Chicago Launch Late-Night Microtransit Service

Pace celebrated the launch of Pace Connect, a new transit service designed to provide a “first and last mile” transit option during late night hours in two designated zones. 

The service, which is funded in part thanks to grants received from RTA and Cook County, provides transportation connections geared toward third shift workers.

Pace Connect is a shared ride service where a rider can book a trip through the new Pace Connect app (available in App Store and Google Play), or through a call center for those who do not have access to a smartphone to connect with nearby transit stations, or in some cases, be dropped off at their home.  

The app, which is powered by Via, uses algorithms to match riders headed in the same direction into one vehicle. 

Rides cost $2 each (or less if the rider pays by Ventra and transfers from a fixed route service), and riders can pay by credit card through the Pace Connect app or by using in-vehicle Ventra Card readers.

MTM Transit Awarded Contract to Operate Manteca Transit System

MTM Transit announced that it has been awarded a contract with the City of Manteca to operate its comprehensive Manteca Transit system. 

The contract, which goes live on July 1, includes a three-year term with two additional one-year options.

Under the contract, MTM Transit will provide a range of transportation options on behalf of the City, including fixed route, dial-a-ride, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) paratransit. 

MTM Transit will also manage supplementary services for the City, such as ADA eligibility determinations, travel training, and application processing for dial-a-ride service. 

The City of Manteca's goals of improving vehicle maintenance, increasing ridership, enhancing data and reporting, improving customer service, and implementing route changes identified in its 2019 Short Range Transit Plan were key factors in selecting MTM Transit as the new contractor.

Valley Metro Selects MTM Transit to Operate Paratransit Service

MTM Transit was also chosen by the Valley Metro Regional Public Transportation Authority (RPTA) to operate its Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) paratransit service.

The contract also includes supplemental demand response transportation for non-ADA-eligible passengers. 

This partnership, a three-year contract with three one-year options, aims to enhance accessible transportation options and improve the lives of passengers in Arizona's greater Phoenix and Maricopa County areas.

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