Bronwyn Wilson has served as president of the IMG since 2012.  -  Photo: IMG/METRO

Bronwyn Wilson has served as president of the IMG since 2012.


International Motorcoach Group (IMG) President Bronwyn Wilson will step back from her role at the end of 2024.

Wilson said while it’s been rewarding to serve IMG’s members and partners since 2012, it was time for her to take a step back from the traditional nine to five to embrace a new chapter in life and spend more time in Australia with family and friends.

“Bronwyn has been an outstanding leader for IMG, and the network has evolved during her time,” said IMG Chairman Mike Dickson. “Under her leadership IMG has expanded their profile with customers, added programs to help IMG companies continue to be the very best, provided shareholders and partners with the best opportunities to engage at our meetings, guided IMG through the COVID pandemic, and now leaves IMG in a financially strong position.”

IMG’s Next Steps

The transition time made available, allows IMG the opportunity to ensure the process to find a new president serves the network well.

The board of directors agreed to hire a search company, who will lead the process in finding a new president. The executive committee, led by Mike Dickson, will be responsible for interviewing and hiring the search firm.

“There remains much work to do and with the IMG team and members we will remain focused,” said Wilson. “It is business as usual as we continue to deliver programs, meetings, and customer engagement to our members and partners.”

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