Mike Dickson is the new chairman for IMG.  -  IMG

Mike Dickson is the new chairman for IMG.


In the summer of 1998, what was known then as the International Motorcoach Network (IMN), conducted their first industry meeting in Dallas. The historic event, as IMN, was the first organization owned by motorcoach operators. 

An invitation only network, the foundation of what was to become the International Motorcoach Group (IMG), focused on collaboration and best practices. For customers, the network offered them privately owned companies as an alternative to the consolidation happening within the industry at the time.

Fast forward to 2023 and IMG is a benchmark for customers. IMG core values continue to be the pillars of the organization today, safety, maintenance, training, and customer service excellence. Working with a vast array of customers from sports teams; collegiate travel; military troop movements; escorted tours for seniors and students; meeting and conventions; to individual events such as weddings, shopping tours — IMG has set itself apart for safe, reliable transportation.

 “We celebrate this milestone in our organization as a tribute to how important IMG is to its shareholder members, partners, customers, and the industry of motorcoach transportation. IMG was formed to bring together the best of the best in our industry and we continuously challenge ourselves to strive for greatness,” said Chairman Mike Dickson, who is also president of Southeastern Stages in Atlanta. “IMG, as a group, continuously shares ideas and offers support to each other that in turn provides a motor coach experience very difficult for others to provide. This year we will celebrate IMG’s storied history and look forward to the next 25 years of becoming even better. It is an honor to lead IMG.”

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