GoGo partners with over 150 group accounts.

GoGo partners with over 150 group accounts.

Photo: Uber/GoGoGrandparent

Uber Transit announced it has partnered with GoGoGrandparent to offer equitable complementary paratransit programs.

This partnership creates access to faster and more responsive options for transit agencies, extending their reach to underserved populations, such as older adults and people with disabilities, according to Uber's news release.

“At GoGo, our goal is to help create accessible services for people of all ages and abilities,” said Justin Boogaard, GoGoGrandparent CEO/co-founder. “We are thrilled to partner with Uber Transit and be part of a solution for transit agencies looking to deliver reliable transportation solutions that will make it easier for people to age independently at home and in the community.”

GoGoGrandparent said it has been committed to bridging the digital divide for customers who don’t use smartphones or need support with specialized requests.

GoGo makes it possible for people to request an Uber ride and other services with a phone call, according to the news release. The GoGo phone number to call to request an Uber trip is 855-464-6872. All rides are monitored by team members, who screen drivers and cars based on whether or not they are comfortably accommodating the needs of people living with visual, cognitive, dexterity, and mobility impairments.

GoGo partners with over 150 group accounts, including transit agencies.

“Uber Transit is committed to partnering with public transit agencies and helping communities thrive through innovative technology and complementary transit service options,” said Dmitriy Vanchugov, head of partnerships at Uber Transit. “This partnership with GoGoGrandparent is the latest way that we are extending the benefits of our technology to help people of all ages and abilities.”

Benefits of the Uber Transit and GoGoGrandparent partnership include:

  • Access to a 24/7 call center to book a ride.
  • English and Spanish-speaking operators.
  • Ability to collect rider’s transit fare as part of the trip booking process.
  • Custom-tailored program design to meet communities’ needs.
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