Spare Co-founders Kristoffer Vik Hansen and Josh Andrews with a CapMetro Accessibility driver. - Photo: CapMetro/Spare

Spare Co-founders Kristoffer Vik Hansen and Josh Andrews with a CapMetro Accessibility driver.

Photo: CapMetro/Spare

In an unprecedented move toward, Austin, Texas’ CapMetro announced a collaboration with Spare to replace its paratransit management system with Spare's modern ADA paratransit platform. The new platform launched on October 1.

With this significant shift, CapMetro is making history by implementing one of the world's largest automated ADA paratransit systems. A nod to Austin's position as a global hub for technology and innovation, the partnership underscores the commitment to supporting one of the fastest-growing metros in the U.S., according to a joint press release.

"In our ongoing commitment to our customers, it’s important that we leverage innovative technologies to move people, especially our paratransit riders, safely and conveniently,” said Dottie Watkins, CapMetro’s president and CEO. “There have been long-standing challenges in delivering paratransit service that has created a divide between available services and the contemporary needs of our riders. With this collaboration, we're bridging that gap and reaffirming our dedication to accessibility."

The Spare/CapMetro Partnership

As of Oct. 1, the CapMetro Access ADA paratransit service transitioned to using Spare's automated ADA paratransit platform. Riders now enjoy real-time notifications about their upcoming journeys, allowing them to plan effectively and stay informed. They can receive trip notifications via voice, text, email, or app and have the convenience of hands-free boarding with an enrolled photo ID and credit card for auto-pay fares.

On the other hand, dispatchers can now closely monitor day-to-day operations, proactively address challenges, and take measures to fill scheduling gaps or reduce cancellations.

"We are seeing more and more innovative agencies like CapMetro deploy modern ADA paratransit systems. We’re thrilled to partner with CapMetro to deliver one of the largest automated ADA paratransit systems worldwide,” said Spare CEO and Co-founder Kristoffer Vik Hansen. “Forward-thinking agencies like CapMetro exemplify how transit providers can evolve to meet rider’s modern expectations. Our mission has always been to make every ride possible and together with CapMetro, we're realizing that vision on a grand scale."

Another significant first for CapMetro, with Spare's technology, is integrating eligibility management directly into reservations, scheduling, and dispatch management. The innovation means digitizing the eligibility process, which is an important step to becoming more sustainable and efficient.

“The collaboration with Spare represents more than an upgrade; it’s a reimagining of how we serve our ADA paratransit riders,” commented Chad Ballentine, VP, demand response and innovative mobility, at CapMetro. "We're proud that this innovation will address the current and future requirements of Austin's paratransit community, laying the groundwork for further enhancements."

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