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Making the Case for GTFS Real-Time Fare Integration

Accuride demo images

Cal-ITP was created by the California State Transportation Agency and its partners to facilitate easy and accessible travel planning and payments across the state and recommends that transit agencies implement GTFS in the real-time mode to provide more frequent updates to train and bus schedules.

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A Look at European Mobility Hubs

The growth of mobility hubs in Germany can likely be related to the popularity of car sharing...

An aspect of every urban transport system is making interchange between modes work well. Interchanges are widely discussed across Europe, but the outcomes vary widely across the continent.

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How National Branding Could Boost Transit's Image

Based on the highest level of consumer recognition for tested naming, the term METRO is...

What if every single city or state had their own way of managing traffic with versions of solid/dotted/colored lines, sign shapes, and signal lights, and none of them followed a standard convention? As we consider many aspects of public transportation across the country, this scenario is somewhat the reality.

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Is commuting the new smoking?

Getty Images/ Nenov

Data overwhelmingly shows why workers should opt-out of driving alone to work each day — not just for their own health, but for the improvement of their work performance, too.