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Transit Dispatches

Cycling in the Netherlands: Highlights from Polis 2020

As in most of the Netherlands, the micromobility revolution is being led by personal cycling,...

The conference was held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but nevertheless, was a chance for the European, and wider world, to exchange best practices in sustainable mobility, observe the latest trends, and for the host cities to welcome guests from across the continent.

How to Design an Equitable Bus Shelter

By actively seeking input and creating bus stops that address user needs, promote public safety,...

Bus stops are the physical gateways to economic opportunity in urban environments, connecting people to jobs, schools, and health care. But these bus shelters rarely transcend their ultra-utilitarian form, with more attention paid to durability than inspired functional design.

Redrawing the Lines of Transit Bus Services

With so much uncertainty on what transit bus service nationwide will look like over the next 12...

The discussion featured transit professionals, academic researchers, and transportation consultants, sharing not only their perspectives on post pandemic local affects on agencies, but the overall shifts underway that each stakeholder needs to understand.