Hometown Trolley, a trackless Trolley Bus manufacturer, announced that it acquired Supreme Corp.'s Classic American Trolley Product Line.

The purchase of the Supreme Classic American Trolley furthers Hometown Trolley's overall strategic business model to become the leading trackless trolley bus manufacturer in the North American transit industry.

Hometown Trolleys in combination with Classic American Trolleys carry over 10,000,000 passengers annually across the nation and beyond. These vehicles are used for private and public transportation in resort areas, in high traffic corridors along beach developments, for amusement parks, open air sightseeing in vacation areas and more. The vehicles have been sold to operators in most states across the country including Puerto Rico and five Canadian provinces, Caribbean destinations as well as several various locations overseas.

Hometown Trolley plans to focus on sales growth and continued advancement of technology to improve the trolley designs, by integrating the best qualities of the Classic American Trolley with the Hometown Trolleys, including the full electric trolley.

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