Alstom Commits to Disability Inclusion
Alstom Commits to Disability Inclusion

To ensure disability inclusion in its leadership agenda, Alstom has joined The Valuable 500 — one of the largest networks of global CEOs committed to diversity. Alstom’s commitments are both external, concerning the accessibility of its mobility solutions to all passengers, and internal, concerning inclusiveness within the company’s workforce.

As part of its strategic plan Alstom in Motion, launched in 2019, Alstom’s operating values have been explicitly identified as "agile," "inclusive," and "responsible." The company focuses on designing inclusive mobility solutions in a work environment and culture where all differences are embraced, respected, and leveraged without any bias.

“We are very proud to be listed among the global companies that consider inclusion a priority,” said Anne-Sophie Chauveau-Galas, Alstom’s sr. VP, human resources. “Including people with disabilities in the workplace is not only the right thing to do, it also helps Alstom create better solutions for customers and passengers around the world. Developing more inclusive products and services, as well as ensuring that our workforce reflects the diversity of passengers, leads to better outcomes for everyone.”

Alstom seeks to improve accessibility in the mobility sector by:

  • Boosting universal accessibility through integrated design of our solutions and services.
  • Ensuring the participation of people with particular needs in R&D projects.

Additionally, Alstom commits to increasing its number of employees with disabilities, with particular attention to:

  • Challenging misconceptions about disability and employment.
  • Providing skills and tools needed to recruit and retain people with disabilities.
  • Demonstrating the commitment at all levels of the organization and indicating steps that each person can take.
  • Fostering the conditions for a more inclusive work environment, minimizing the impact that an individual’s impairment may have.

The Valuable 500 is a nonprofit organization seeking to unite at least 500 of the most influential business leaders and their brands to stimulate systemic change from a business, social, and economic point of view.