The Dallas City Council unanimously approved a resolution supporting the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) D2 Subway project, a second light rail line through downtown Dallas that will extend from Victory Park to Deep Ellum. The resolution includes a commitment to continue to work toward addressing community concerns on the east end of the alignment.

“The DART D2 Subway project is an important regional project,” explained Paul N. Wageman, chair of the DART Board of Directors. “The second light rail alignment through downtown Dallas is a long-term investment in mass transit to support both the city’s and the region’s goals of a more walkable, transit-oriented and sustainable region. The DART Board appreciates the Dallas City Council’s continued support of this transportation initiative.”

The DFW area continues to experience unprecedented growth, with new businesses and residents moving to the area every day. The primary purpose of the D2 Subway project is to add long-term passenger carrying capacity to the DART light rail system and provide operational flexibility and added reliability — especially important for the thousands of riders that use the DART system every day to get to work, services, and school.

DART began planning for the D2 Subway project in 2007 and the 30% level of preliminary design was completed in October of 2020. DART will continue to work with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to request re-entry into the Capital Investment Grant program engineering phase as a core capacity project. The first step in this process will be for the FTA to issue the Final Environmental Impact Statement/Record of Decision along with the 30% design package. Public, agency, and stakeholder involvement will continue to be integral to the process.