SEPTA released two reports on the bus network’s performance and changing travel trends in the Philadelphia region. The release marks a major milestone for “Bus Revolution,” a key initiative of SEPTA Forward, SEPTA’s strategic plan, and the authority’s efforts to revamp its bus service and better connect people across the region. These existing conditions analyses will inform changes to the bus network.

The two reports — “The State of the System” and the “Market Analysis” — include extensive and detailed technical analyses of transit markets, ridership patterns, and service productivity that reveal what works in the bus network currently and opportunities for system improvement. Both reports aim to provide the public with an in-depth understanding of SEPTA’s current bus network.

“These thorough reports set the stage for making transformative improvements to our bus network,” said Leslie S. Richards, GM/CEO of SEPTA. “Along with thousands of responses from bus riders, this research gives us the information we need to make our bus network work better for more people. We are excited to put this research to good use.” 

The “State of the System” focuses on the bus network’s performance and presents some strategies for systemwide improvement. The “Market Analysis” looks at population demographics, patterns of development, and travel characteristics in the Greater Philadelphia area, and identifies those parts of the region where transit is likely to be most successful based on these factors. In addition, the “Market Analysis” identifies gaps in SEPTA’s service design that “Bus Revolution” should consider evaluating as the project team considers changes to the bus network.

Happening along with “Bus Revolution” are other transformative initiatives, including Reimagining Regional Rail, an initiative to transform Regional Rail service for the 21st Century and SEPTA’s Wayfinding Master Plan to improve station signage and the system map. Both network projects are critical initiatives of SEPTA Forward, the Authority’s Strategic Plan, intended to help riders use SEPTA as one seamless, lifestyle transit network.