The Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority, City of Albuquerque, HanseCom, and ETA Transit Systems are the latest companies to be featured in Biz Briefs. - Photo: METRO

The Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority, City of Albuquerque, HanseCom, and ETA Transit Systems are the latest companies to be featured in Biz Briefs.

Photo: METRO

The Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority, City of Albuquerque, HanseCom, and ETA Transit Systems recently announced news from their respective companies.

Austin Goes Full Electric in With New Bike Lending Program

The Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (CapMetro) announced it has launched a program to expand its bike-share program with the city of Austin

The transit company has announced a partnership with PBSC Urban Solutions Inc. aimed at replacing and expanding 80 MetroBike stations, 1,000 docks, and 800 bicycles focused in downtown Austin, tripling the size of the bike-share system. 

The contract is a part of the planned $20.6 million expansion for the bike-share program. The public can expect to see new bikes and stations beginning this summer.

“This is a key piece of the puzzle we need to start building one of the country’s best bike-share systems,” Dottie Watkins, CapMetro president/CEO, said in a news release. “This investment in our bike-share program will bring better flexibility and access for riders to connect to the larger web of mobility in the Austin transit network.”

City of Albuquerque Transit Chooses Videotel Digital to Improve Passenger Experience

Videotel Digital announced that ABQ RIDE, the City of Albuquerque’s Transit Department has chosen Videotel Digital’s VP92 media players to improve the passenger experience for its Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) system.

ABQ RIDE required commercial media players to operate in extreme weather conditions at 19 bus stop locations along its ART route. 

With Videotel’s VP92 technology, the department now has the ability to effectively communicate important messages to passengers, including real-time updates to scheduled bus service, service announcements, marketing campaigns, and other relevant information.

“We are committed to enhancing the overall passenger experience for our transit riders and the VP92 technology aligns perfectly with our goals. Its durability, interactive features, and seamless communication capabilities make it an invaluable asset to our transit system,” said Bobby Sisneros, deputy director, Albuquerque Transit.

HanseCom Gains First North American Customer

The Lawton Area Transit System (LATS) is implementing a mobile ticketing app based on the URpass SaaS solution. LATS is the first pilot customer of this new solution recently launched by German provider HanseCom.

HanseCom will also be presenting the solution at the SWTA Conference and Expo 2024.

LATS passengers can currently purchase tickets in buses and service centers using cash or checks only. As part of its modernization initiative, the transport agency decided to start selling its tickets via a dedicated mobile app, the LATS GO PASS App, in the near future. 

The app implemented with URpass will soon be available for iOS and Android smartphones and will enable users to purchase the entire range of LATS tickets on the go. The range includes one-way tickets, multiple tickets, and monthly passes.

As part of their joint pilot project, LATS and HanseCom are initially implementing a mobile ticketing solution that allows passengers to present digital tickets on their smartphones to ticket inspectors for visual validation. The pilot project – which was launched in December 2023 – is underway, and the go-live of the mobile app is scheduled for late summer 2024.

ETA Transit Upgrades BPTC

ETA Transit Systems announced that it has been awarded a contract by the Bloomington Public Transportation Corporation (BPTC) for a CAD/AVL system replacement project.

Highlights of the ETA Transit transformative project include:

  • A CAD/AVL System: BPTC will undergo a transformation by replacing its outdated CAD/AVL system with ETA Transit Systems' web-accessible platform.
  • Seamless Integration: The CAD/AVL system will integrate with BPTC’s existing onboard equipment. This integration will enhance real-time data collection and reporting capabilities.
  • Elevating Passenger Safety: The addition of the Covert Emergency Alarm feature provides an added layer of protection for both riders and operators. 
  • Automatic Voice Announcements (AVA): Passengers can anticipate an improved travel experience with Automatic Voice Announcements (AVA), offering information about stops and updates during their journeys. 
  • APC Integration (APC): The integration of existing Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) sensors with the SPOT system will empower BPTC to collect ridership data, facilitating route optimization and resource allocation. 
  • GTFS-RT Compatibility: ETA Transit Systems' CAD/AVL system supports the General Transit Feed Specification - Realtime (GTFS-RT), ensuring passengers have access to real-time information on routes, schedules, and service disruptions. 
  • Streamlined Access: The system will offer a single sign-on solution, streamlining access to digital signage and critical transit information for riders. Passengers will be utilizing the SPOT app to track buses and see bus stops and schedules in real time.
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