Pat Ziska

Pat Ziska

Pat Ziska, VP of new coach sales for Motor Coach Industries (MCI), was honored with a Women in Buses Award on January 16, 2017 at ABA Marketplace in Cleveland for her unparalleled industry knowledge, pioneering leadership and personal touch.

The Women in Buses award recognizes the role of women in the motor coach industry who work collaboratively on issues and concerns of women business leaders as well as industry specific trends.

Ziska, who holds one of the highest positions in North America’s bus industry, began her career 40 years ago with Hausman Bus Sales, a pre-owned coach and service center operation based in Chicago. At the time, Hausman was also the exclusive U.S. distributor of new MCI motorcoaches.

Her proficiency in shorthand and dynamic personality got her the job. Her drive, confidence and genuine care for motorcoach operators large and small got her to her top role in today’s industry, according to the company.

From the administrative post at Hausman, Ziska put herself through college, earning a B.A. degree, and then began her career in customer service and marketing. When MCI bought Hausman in the 1980s, Ziska's responsibilities and aspirations increased. By 1997, she became the first woman VP at MCI, adding the title of VP, customer relations in 2001 and in 2012, VP, new coach sales.

“MCI salutes Pat on receiving this prestigious and well-deserved award,” said Patrick Scully, MCI executive VP, sales and marketing. “We’re proud of her accomplishments at MCI and dedication to helping customers at every turn. Pat has always believed customer needs and passenger desires come first.”

Other highlights in Ziska’s career:

  • In 1996, Ziska led the launch of MCI’s Renaissance coach, complete with a Beach Boys performance bash at the ABA meeting that year in Hawaii. The Renaissance would pave the way for the industry-leading MCI J4500 coach, launched in 2001.
  • Seeing that all manufacturers benefit from a strongly marketed coach industry, Ziska helped launch the Motorcoach Council in 2007.
  • In 2008, she established the ABA’s Green Spirit Award as a way to recognize operators promoting the environmental benefits of motor coach travel, and MCI’s green tool-kit for operates to use to promote their efforts to passengers and clients alike.

Ziska is starting her fifth decade in the business where she usually is — in conversation with MCI’s customers, new and old. She treats every individual at MCI with respect and dignity and is admired by all women who work at MCI for her esteemed position, open-door approachability and exceptional judgment in business and in life.

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