PRESTO,Bytemark Introduce E-Tickets Option
PRESTO,Bytemark Introduce E-Tickets Option

PRESTO, the electronic fare payment system for the Greater Toronto Area, launched PRESTO E-Tickets, a new account-based ticketing app provided by Bytemark.

Launching first on two local transit systems, Durham Region Transit (DRT) and Hamilton Street Railway (HSR), the PRESTO E-Tickets app provides transit customers with a new fare payment option. PRESTO E-Tickets is built on the Bytemark Passage account-based fare payment solution and will offer its Navigate capabilities, powered in part by HaCon.

PRESTO E-Tickets, available for both iOS and Android, currently allows customers on DRT and HSR transit systems to use their smartphones to make in-app cashless and contactless fare purchases, which can then be visually verified at a distance by drivers and fare inspectors. Future versions of PRESTO E-Tickets will be integrated with PRESTO’s extensive electronic fare collection system to allow for faster automatic validation. The app, which runs on Bytemark Bridge, a Plan, Book & Pay™ platform, will continue to evolve with new features for customers, as well as expansion to include other local transit providers.

The app, available in English and French, lets riders remain truly contactless and cashless throughout their travel experience. Easy to view from a distance, the dynamic tickets with built-in fraud protection allow transit operators to maintain social distancing while ensuring that fares are paid.

PRESTO serves 11 transit systems across the Greater Toronto Area, with over four million customers. HSR provides more than 21 million rides annually. DRT has more than 240 vehicles, with transit service available throughout the entire region of Durham.