Honolulu Selects Stantec to Lead Transit Operations Analysis
Honolulu Selects Stantec to Lead Transit Operations Analysis

The City and County of Honolulu has selected Stantec to lead a comprehensive operations analysis for Oahu Transit Services in Honolulu, Hawaii. The seven-year, $10 million project will study passenger movement to design a bus service that encourages ridership growth and better meets the needs of the region.

The analysis will help implement a new vision for the city’s multimodal transportation system, including the integration of the phased opening of Honolulu’s Rail Transit Project, which currently involves Stantec in construction engineering and inspection services. The project is expected to drive economic growth through job creating while reducing the city’s carbon footprint.

To complete the multimodal transportation system analysis, Stantec will lead a team of seven firms to manage stakeholder outreach and community input, collect ridership data, develop ridership modeling, provide technical assistance to the city through the entire project lifecycle, and identify data-driven improvements. The analysis will also account for the future integration of zero-emission and battery-electric buses.

More than 100 Hawaii-based and international experts will contribute to the project, including transit advisory consultants, data scientists, environmental experts, and transit planners. The end result will seamlessly integrate the region’s bus, paratransit, active transport, and rail modes.