NJ TRANSIT Launches Mobile App for Paratransit
NJ TRANSIT Launches Mobile App for Paratransit

NJ TRANSIT launched a mobile app for Access Link customers, providing them with a user-friendly interface for making, canceling, and monitoring reservations. Access Link users will also be able to update customer information and monitor the status of their EZ-Wallet payment accounts with just a few clicks on the app.

“Since its introduction in 2019, NJ TRANSIT has booked hundreds of thousands of trips through Access Link Online, which allows customers to schedule rides, pre-pay fares electronically with EZ-Wallet, check trip status, and the estimated time of arrival of pick-up vehicles,” said NJ TRANSIT President & CEO Kevin S. Corbett. “Access Link customers now have access to all of these great features through this new mobile app — with an easy-to-use interface — building on our many efforts to improve mobility and enhance the experience for those customers who depend most on public transit.”

The Access Link App was developed in direct response to valuable customer feedback that a mobile app would improve ease of use and simplify the process of making and canceling reservations. The app provides one stop shopping for customers who previously would have to call in and speak to an operator or log into an online account. Customers will be able to easily modify a reservation and check the status of scheduled arrivals with the mobile app.

The Access Link app is available for free download on iOS or Android devices via the App Store or Google Play.