The latest software and telematics products on the market can help agencies optimize maintenance, asset management, scheduling, operations, and more.  -  Photo: Getty Images

The latest software and telematics products on the market can help agencies optimize maintenance, asset management, scheduling, operations, and more.

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AssetWise Rail Condition Analytics enables small- to medium-sized rail and transit agencies to unlock the potential of data you own with predictive maintenance strategies using the latest innovations in linear analytics and decision support capabilities out-of-the-box, enabling reduced risk with improved safety and reliability. Drawing on industry best practices, the solution provides the insight and visibility needed to optimize and future-proof key maintenance and renewal decisions, while ensuring networks are maintained in a state of good repair.

Clever Devices


Clever Devices designs innovative technology solutions for all modes of public transportation, including fixed-route, bus rapid transit, paratransit, and rail. Our solutions enhance mobility and help meet the transit challenges of global communities. We deliver scalable and modular Intelligent Transportation Systems.



CalAmp is a connected intelligence company that delivers insights to help people and businesses work smarter and make the right decisions. Our applications, platforms, and devices track, monitor, and recover vital assets to reduce costs, maximize productivity, and improve safety. Connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or the CalAmp Blog.



Automate maintenance work orders by integrating your telematics/ELD with Connixt iMarq™. Sync vehicle stats like mileage with iMarq to assess current condition and automate work orders for scheduled maintenance and inspections. Retrieve alerts (e.g. Engine light, fault codes) to automate work orders along with geo-location for unplanned maintenance or break downs. Gain visibility into fleet health, improve uptime, and stay one step ahead of any potential maintenance issues using iMarq's Cloud-Mobile technology.


 -  Courtesy GIRO

Courtesy GIRO

GIRO is a world-leading developer of software solutions designed to optimize public transit services. GIRO’s HASTUS™ product offers flexible tools and powerful algorithms for planning and scheduling, operations, rostering, passenger information, data analyses, and more. The award-winning HASTUS solution is installed at hundreds of customer sites around the world.



Optibus is an AI platform bringing much-needed innovation to the essential mobility mode at the heart of our cities: public transportation. A cloud-native SaaS company founded in 2014, Optibus powers complex transit operations in over 500 cities worldwide and has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer and by Gartner as a Cool Vendor. It has offices in Tel Aviv, London, New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, and São Paulo.

Passio Technologies


Provides modular and innovative solutions to transit companies of any size and type. Unique product applications separate Passio from competitors — like our app for passengers, Passio GO, feedback via BusBuzz. We recently added contact tracing along with Request & GO a bus request feature. We do it all, including AVA, LED, APC, NEMT/Paratransit, and more.



In the new world of transportation, uncertainty is inevitable. We believe that real-time data analysis is critical for effective decision making. We believe that fixed-route and on-demand services working in tandem can maximize transit efficiency. We believe that smart transit apps simplify and speed up communication with riders. We can plan for uncertainty with flexible transit options and resilient services. Let’s move toward a brighter future together.

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