New Flyer offers a product line under the Xcelsior and Xcelsior CHARGE brands.

New Flyer offers a product line under the Xcelsior and Xcelsior CHARGE brands.

Photo: New Flyer

New Flyer of America Inc. (New Flyer) announced it has received a new contract from Foothill Transit for 20 zero-emission, hydrogen fuel cell-electric Xcelsior Charge H2 forty-foot heavy-duty transit buses. This order is supported by Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funds.

“Foothill Transit is a leader in the adoption and deployment of electric mass mobility. This order demonstrates that there is no ‘one size fits all’ for electrification, and that operators require a range of bus sizes and propulsion systems to optimize their service offering,” said Paul Soubry, president and Chief Executive Officer, NFI. “Since 2004, NFI has supported the agency’s progressive sustainability goals with nearly 380 low-emission, compressed natural gas buses delivered, and, more recently, two Alexander Dennis E500 battery-electric double deck buses.”

The Xcelsior Charge H2 is a battery-electric vehicle that uses compressed hydrogen as an energy source and range extender. It requires 6-20 minutes to refuel. The vehicle can save 85 to 135 tons of greenhouse gas per year from tailpipe emissions, according to New Flyer. 

“Our Xcelsior Charge H2 buses, developed by leveraging years of experience producing hydrogen fuel cell buses, are a game changer for North American operators,” said Chris Stoddart, president, North American Bus and Coach. “These buses – which can travel up to 350 miles on a single refueling – not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also deliver extended range, fast fill times, and no reduction in performance from beginning to end of life.”

“We were excited to be the first grid-powered battery electric bus pioneer, and have continued our zero emissions evolution with the first battery electric Alexander Dennis double deck bus launch earlier this year,” said Doran Barnes, CEO, Foothill Transit. “Our path to a fully zero emission fleet continues with the addition of NFI hydrogen fuel cell technology. We envision a future where a variety of strategies work together to allow us to achieve our zero emission goals.”

Foothill Transit is based in West Covina, California, and provides over 14 million trips annually in the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys.