The logo, branding, updated website, and Transit Unplugged TV will launch on Tuesday, Nov. 9, at...

The logo, branding, updated website, and Transit Unplugged TV will launch on Tuesday, Nov. 9, at APTA Expo at the Trapeze/Vontas booth (Booth #353).

Photo: Trapeze Group

Transit Unplugged (TU) will unveil a video podcast program at the Trapeze/Vontas booth at APTA Expo on Tuesday, Nov. 9.

In celebration of the fourth anniversary of Transit Unplugged, the company will have a live panel with female transit leaders, a cocktail reception with host Paul Comfort, and the launch of Transit Unplugged TV, a video podcast program of Transit Unplugged. 

Transit Unplugged TV is a “travel style” program that will showcase transit systems and their leaders while enjoying their local cuisine and culture. 

Transit Unplugged will also get an updated logo and branding and a revamped website. 

The logo, branding, updated website, and Transit Unplugged TV will launch during a Transit Unplugged live "Women in Transit” panel and fourth anniversary celebration called “Cocktails with Comfort.” 

Comfort will interview a panel of women who are leading some of the biggest and most innovative transit agencies in the U.S. These five leaders will reflect on their career journeys, advice for others, and their vision for the future of transit. 


  •     Nadine Lee (CEO, Dallas DART)
  •     Leslie Richards (CEO, SEPTA)
  •     Lauren Skiver (CEO, SunLine Transit) 
  •     MJ Maynard (CEO, RTC SNV) 
  •     Bacarra Mauldin (Chief of Staff, MATA Transit) 

The "Women in Transit” panel will take place from 11:30 a.m. o 12:30 p.m. on  Nov. 9. 

During Cocktails with Comfort, Comfort will give a sneak peek of the first episodes of Transit Unplugged TV featuring MJ Maynard, CEO of RTC Nevada, and Steve Bland, CEO of Nashville MTA/WeGo Transit. 

Cocktails with Comfort will take place from 3:00-4:30 p.m. All are invited to both events.