AECOM, Cavnue Partner to Deliver Connected, Automated Vehicle Corridor in Michigan
AECOM, Cavnue Partner to Deliver Connected, Automated Vehicle Corridor in Michigan

AECOM announced its partnership with Cavnue to deliver a Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Corridor in Southeast Michigan. AECOM will provide engineering planning and design services beginning with a CAV lane project in Michigan and expanding to other locations across North America. The partnership will also deliver Concept of Operations, environmental documentation, conceptual, and final design on several major roadways in the state.

“Core to AECOM’s ESG strategy, Sustainable Legacies, is delivering solutions that will improve social outcomes and reduce carbon impacts on the planet. This partnership will advance transportation in a way that’s sustainable, smarter and safer for generations to come in Michigan,” said Jennifer Aument, AECOM’s global transportation chief executive. “We believe in Cavnue’s vision to unlock the potential in connected and automated travel, and we’re thrilled to work together to create this future for the automated transportation industry and the communities that will benefit from it.”

In Michigan, Cavnue is integrating a first-of-its-kind roadway infrastructure stack with a unique hardware and software product to simplify the operating environment for all vehicles and to provide more information to vehicles about the road ahead, both of which unlock the powerful benefits of in-vehicle technology. Cavnue, AECOM and the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) are also working closely to utilize this system to provide unique insights back to those that operate and manage roadways.

AECOM is committed to delivering its transformative environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives through its Sustainable Legacies strategy, ensuring the work it does in partnership with clients leaves a positive impact for years to come.