The report includes five strategies directed to Metro.

The report includes five strategies directed to Metro.

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The Northern Virginia Transportation Commission submitted the 2022 "Report on the Performance and Condition of WMATA" to Gov. Glenn Youngkin and members of the Virginia General Assembly, as required by law. 

The report reflects the priorities of NVTC jurisdictions for the operations and maintenance of the WMATA system. It includes five strategies directed to WMATA:

  1. Rebuild customer confidence.
  2. Enforce fare payment uniformly across the system.
  3. Implement a simple and convenient fare structure.
  4. Increase non-fare revenues from real estate and advertising.
  5. Manage labor costs.

"Since NVTC’s formation in 1964, we’ve had an important governance, policy, and funding coordination role with Metro. NVTC cares about a healthy metro system that moves Northern Virginians where they want to go and keeps our economy moving," said Canek Aguirre, NVTC chair.

The report also details recommendations directed to NVTC: 

  • Explore the implications of local transit agencies assuming the operation of Metrobus services in Northern Virginia.
  • Examine and develop options for a new financial operating model for WMATA.

"As federal COVID relief money runs out, Metro faces an ongoing budget gap that must be resolved to ensure the long-term viability of the system. It's critical to jump-start a regional discussion about how to pay for WMATA, which is vital to the ongoing growth and sustainability of Northern Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Maryland," said Kate Mattice, NVTC executive director.

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