The MTA is piloting its first-ever local hiring goals for Jamaica Bus Depot, Rockaway Line, and...

The MTA is piloting its first-ever local hiring goals for Jamaica Bus Depot, Rockaway Line, and ADA projects in order to create job opportunities in the local communities where these projects take place.

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The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) announced that MTA Construction & Development contracts will be awarded in multiple projects for Bridges & Tunnels, Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad, and New York City Transit (NYCT) following MTA Board approval.

Through 19 different procurements, $2.5 billion will be invested to enhance resiliency efforts to combat climate change, aid in the MTA’s mission to go green, make the transit system more accessible to all through ADA upgrades, and ensure riders have safe, efficient, and reliable commutes, according to the MTA's news release.

Design-Build contracts will be awarded for redeveloping the Jamaica Bus Depot in Queens, ADA upgrades, and elevator replacements at 12 subway stations across four boroughs, resiliency and rehabilitation efforts on the Rockaway Line in Queens, and Fulton Av and South St Bridge repairs on Metro-North’s New Haven Line. Contracts for the Rockway Line, ADA upgrades, elevator replacements, and the Fulton Av and South St bridges were made possible through federal funding.    

The MTA said it is piloting its first-ever local hiring goals for Jamaica Bus Depot, Rockaway Line, and ADA projects in order to create job opportunities in the local communities where these projects take place. For these three projects, the MTA has set a goal that at least 20% of the New York State workforce come from neighborhoods surrounding the project — in Southeast Queens for the Jamaica Bus Depot and Rockaway Line, and around the station areas planned for ADA upgrades.

“These projects will ensure the MTA meets the needs of today’s riders while fighting climate change, expanding accessibility, and making sure our transit infrastructure is kept in condition to keep delivering for the next century and beyond,” said Janno Lieber, MTA CEO. “This month, the MTA is proudly investing $2.5 billion to ensure the system continues to be the fastest, greenest, and most reliable way for everyone to get around the New York metro region.”

As part of the Jamaica Bus Depot in Jamaica, the MTA has approved a contract to redevelop the depot to enable a capacity for 60 electric buses with 60 charging stations. Once open in the summer of 2026 the depot will accommodate over 270 buses. By 2030, the depot is expected to accommodate an all-electric bus fleet.

The contract will be awarded pending Board approval for an estimated $483 million to cover 48 months with the awardee required to adhere to regulatory requirements including excessive noise, dust, and emissions, among other potential nuisances to the nearby community. 

This project is expected to be completed by the end of 2026. 

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) upgrades are also coming to riders at several subway stations across four boroughs following Board approval. Stations in Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Manhattan will all undergo upgrades to enhance accessibility.

Repairs to the 19 elevators at the above seven stations are expected to cost an estimated $92 million to be accomplished through two procurements, according to the MTA. 

“The four stations that will be made newly accessible through this project serve a diverse group of riders across four boroughs, from City College students to seniors aging in place in the Bronx,” said Quemuel Arroyo, MTA chief accessibility officer. “By deepening the commitment to accessibility through these elevator installations and replacement projects, the communities who rely on mass transit the most will directly benefit from this multi-million-dollar investment.” 

A contract will be awarded to conduct rehabilitation and resiliency work on the Rockaway Line serving the A and S trains in Queens.

This project includes designing, furnishing, and installing structure rehabilitation elements in addition to slope protection and debris shielding.

Pending board approval, the contract will be awarded for 44 months at an estimated cost of $392 million.

A Design-Build contract will be awarded following Board approval to replace bridges at Fulton Avenue and South Street in Mount Vernon, New York.

The 153-foot Fulton Avenue and 73-foot South Street bridges represent the final two bridges to undergo repairs.    

This is a 27-month contract for an estimated cost of $37 million with the contract awardee providing all planning, design, and engineering services to comply with MTA Construction & Development requirements.

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