Zonar announced the availability of a grant assistance program provided by Learn, Design, Apply Inc. — a leader in grant funding for clients in the private, non-profit, and public sectors.

The Zonar grant assistance program will help fleets throughout vocational, pupil, mass transit, and commercial trucking industries identify, secure, apply for, and manage grant funding to enhance the safety, performance, and success of their fleets.

Fleet managers and transportation directors work long hours and are often on call 24/7. Taking the time to research and apply for a grant is valuable time that is not always available to them. Quite often, it takes considerable effort and countless hours to simply identify an eligible grant worth pursuing. Then extensive dedicated resources are required to begin the arduous process of putting together the grant application. The grant writing expertise that is needed and the time required to secure grant funds can make it an easy decision for fleet operators to pass on these types of opportunities. However, with the Zonar grant assistance program, fleets interested in identifying funds to help them acquire the latest in smart fleet technology can leverage Learn, Design, Apply Inc.

The experienced team of funding and business development specialists that make up the grant assistance program and deliver a comprehensive range of grant assistant services for Zonar customers and prospects including:

  • A team of grant and industry experts for one-on-one, customized projects that incorporate technology solutions.
  • Grant consulting services.
  • Educational webinars on grant resources and requirements, and new funding announcements.
  • Access to an extensive network of grant writers.
  • Tips and tools for managing and reporting on grants.

For more information on Zonar’s grant assistance program provided by Learn, Design, Apply Inc., click here.

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