Beyond managing charging operations with a depot's existing hardware, AMPLY offers a comprehensive Charging-as-a-Service to fleet owners. AMPLY Power

Supporting California's goal to transition all public transit agencies to 100% zero-emission bus fleets by 2040, AMPLY Power is managing the charging of electric buses for Calif.’s Eastern Contra Costa Transit Authority, operating under the name Tri Delta Transit. AMPLY identified 40% of annual energy savings its managed charging software platform could realize, while guaranteeing vehicles were charged and ready to work each day.

Tri Delta Transit launched its electric bus program in 2018. AMPLY was brought in during the fall of 2019 to simplify Tri Delta's charging operations and address challenges presented by previously installed hardware. Tri Delta Transit equipment includes buses from Proterra and BYD and associated charging infrastructure systems. The project illustrates how the AMPLY offering is agnostic to a variety of buses and chargers regardless of manufacturer.

AMPLY's cloud-based smart charging system monitors the charging status and power levels in real-time, deploying algorithms to minimize utility demand and time-of-use rate charges. Using this real-time status, allows the company's system to forecast when the vehicles will be ready-to-go, and once the vehicles are out delivering passengers, AMPLY's system can track their return state-of-charge battery level and length of time to recharge. For Tri Delta, this is realizing up to 40% savings on energy rates.

"We monitor the chargers and catch error codes to improve charger uptime, and its database collects all the information Tri Delta needs to confidently move down their electrification roadmap," said Rob Kelly, VP, business development, AMPLY.

Additionally, as a regulated fuel supply entity with CARB, AMPLY supported Tri Delta Transit in monetizing its low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS) credits. Such savings and LCFS credits can be reinvested into operations to accelerate a transit authority's ability to adopt a zero-emissions future.

Beyond managing charging operations with a depot's existing hardware, AMPLY offers a comprehensive Charging-as-a-Service to fleet owners. The offering includes managing utility administration and interconnection, as well as establishing an optimal charging strategy based on drive and duty cycles. This service can also provide debt financing or secure grant funding to reduce capital expenditures and implement resiliency plans as needed. Additionally, the company is available to perform onsite operations maintenance services, and invest in technology upgrades as the needs of a fleet evolve.

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