MBTA Names New Chief Safety Officer
MBTA Names New Chief Safety Officer

The MBTA appointed Ronald L. Ester Jr. as its new chief safety officer. Ester’s transit career spans more than 28 years at the Chicago Transit Authority where he held executive positions including chief safety and security officer; VP, rail operations and capital projects oversight; and VP, rail operations/communication-power control.

The chief safety officer is responsible for strategic policy development, management, and oversight of safety programs — including construction safety and operational safety. The position ensures that a safety culture exists in all decision-making to guarantee the safety of riders, employees, and contractors.

Ester is the recipient of the USDOT Transit Safety Institute’s Transit Safety and Security Program Certification. The certification indicates the individual has a broad-based knowledge of the safety and security principles applicable to transit system safety, operations, and management. Ester also serves as an industry expert providing peer review for the American Public Transit Association.

The MBTA is “Building a Better T” by undertaking an ambitious $8 billion modernization effort to maintain stations, replace subway fleets, upgrade tracks, signals and switches; reinvent its bus system to reflect changing demographics; and replace its fare collection system to make the T a better, safer, and more reliable transit system.