RATP DEV USA Extends SmartDrive Contract
RATP DEV USA Extends SmartDrive Contract

SmartDrive announced that RATP Dev USA renewed its SmartDrive® video-based safety program with a multi-year contract. The organization credits the SmartDrive program for a reduction of nearly 25% in insurance claims costs and the mitigation of insurance premium increases because of improvements in claims resolution and driver training, since adopting the SmartDrive system.

“By showing we have loss control measures in place to limit damages, we’ve been able to substantially minimize insurance premium increases,” stated Leldon Buckley, VP, risk management, at RATP Dev USA. “With SmartDrive, we’re able to focus on data and specific violations so we can correct operator skills before they become bad habits.”

RATP Dev USA transports passengers in over 35 operations across 15 states in the U.S., operating a wide range of transportation services including fixed route, paratransit, streetcar, and university shuttles. Since introducing the SmartDrive program in 2018, RATP Dev USA has experienced an 82% improvement in its Safety Score, an objective measurement of specific driving habits including speeding, seat belt usage, distracted driving, and others. RATP Dev USA has also reported the following improvements:

  • Increased proper seatbelt use by 80%
  • Reduced failure to stop at intersections by 68%
  • Reduced incomplete stopping at intersections by 47%

When RATP Dev USA adds a new location to its family, one of the first steps is to install the SmartDrive program. From senior management to individual property general managers, fleet leaders in each division review SmartDrive’s metrics regularly and ensure timely coaching for drivers to propel continuous improvement. Like all transit companies, RATP Dev USA faces accusations of poor driver behavior from passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers. SmartDrive offers RATP Dev USA the crucial ability to both correct risky driving behaviors and exonerate drivers in incidents where they are not at fault.