New Passio Module Promises to Maximize Efficiency
New Passio Module Promises to Maximize Efficiency

Passio Technologies announced the release of Request & GO, a new transit tool that’s part of its Passio GO app and designed to enhance both route efficiency and customer service delivery.

“With Request & GO, passengers with the Passio GO app who are located at a particular stop can request a pickup. They’ll receive a confirmation from the driver, providing vehicle estimated time of arrival (ETA), and a map of the vehicle’s progress, along with precious peace of mind — especially important for passengers waiting in remote areas,” said Passio CEO Mitch Skyer.

What makes the tool so useful to transit providers is that there are three types of stop requests available in Request & GO systems: stops that are always serviced, regardless of request; stops on the route only serviced upon request; and stops not on the route (though authorized), but serviced upon request.

The data collected from all three stop-request types gives transit providers actionable insights into how their system is being used, allowing providers, as the company sees it, to make fixed-route systems dynamic and elastic.

Passio Request & GO is an add-on feature to its popular Passio GO passenger app.