APTA Congratulates President-Elect Biden
APTA Congratulates President-Elect Biden

Following the official announcement of Joe Biden as President-Elect, APTA released the following statement:

“On behalf of the more than 1,500 member organizations of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and the tens of millions of public transit riders, we welcome and congratulate President-Elect Joe Biden and VP-elect Kamala Harris.

President-Elect Biden has been a tireless champion for public transit and passenger rail over his many years of public service, and we look forward to working with his Administration on numerous issues of importance to millions of Americans who rely on bus and rail to get to work, to school, to family, and across this great nation.

Investment in public transit is a bipartisan issue, and APTA will continue to work with Republicans and Democrats alike in Congress to build a public transportation infrastructure that is the pride of the nation and rebuilds our economy.

During the lame-duck session, we look forward to working with Senate Majority Leader McConnell and Speaker Pelosi to pass an immediate COVID-19 relief package to support our transit agencies with at least $32 billion in emergency funding.

In addition, the U.S. public transportation industry stands ready to work with President-Elect Biden, Vice President-Elect Harris, and the new Congress in a unified push to move our country forward and build the public transportation infrastructure of the future.”